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Explore the Therapeutic Approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of mental health treatment founded in the 1960s, and it has shown great success in treating substance misuse disorders. In addition to substance misuse, CBT has been used to address co-occurring disorders like […]

Explore the Level of Care: Sober Living

If you or a loved one is trying to recover from a substance misuse problem, whether drugs or alcohol, a sober living facility might be a good option for you. Sober living facilities are a helpful transition for many who […]

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The Face Of Addiction Isn’t What You Think

The drug crisis in the United States is getting worse — more than 20 million adults have some form of substance use disorder. Unfortunately, it’s made worse by pervasive myths and misconceptions around addiction and the people who suffer from […]


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To Love an Addict: You are Not Alone

“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” Buddha   I don’t know what’s more painful: being an addict or loving one. To the mothers, fathers, spouses, partners, children, friends, siblings, colleagues, and loved […]

How The Brain Is Affected By Drug Use

The human brain is only three pounds of gray and white matter, but it’s the most complicated organ in your body. It’s the center of everything you do and think. It operates your whole body — your every function, voluntary […]

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The Truth About Relapse Rates

The Truth About Relapse Rates Relapse, broadly speaking, is when a drug or alcohol addiction reappears after a period of remission or recovery. For people who have struggled with substance use disorders, they’re surprisingly common. In fact, according to the […]

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Recovery After Rehabilitation: The Importance of Continuing Care

Relapse is a Fact of Life Recovering from an addiction or substance misuse problem doesn’t end when your rehabilitation program ends. Addiction is a serious medical condition — it requires continuing care and an ongoing treatment plan to ensure that […]

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How To Party Without Drinking — 5 Tips For Sober Celebration

Being the only sober one at a party can be very uncomfortable — not only do you feel like you’re missing out on the fun, but you’ll be inundated with questions about why you aren’t drinking and might have to […]

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Life After Rehab: Staying Sober In The Long Term

Going through a comprehensive addiction recovery program can be extremely helpful to those who struggle with harmful substance use, but recovery doesn’t end when your program does. You may be excited to live substance-free, but you still have lingering fears […]

6 Factors That Increase The Success Of Addiction Treatment

Anyone who’s dealt with addiction, either their own or that of a loved one, knows how hard it is to get clean and stay that way. Setbacks and relapses are unfortunately common, and there is no one-size-fits-all cure. However, no […]

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How to Help Your Child with Addiction

When you have a child, you recognize that there’s an enormous amount of responsibility that comes with it. Most parents believe that every choice they make on their child’s behalf will play a role in the kind of adult their […]

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Why Individualized Addiction Treatment Is Important

In order to treat a substance addiction, it’s important to fully understand the ways in which it impacts the addicted person’s life. While two people might be addicted to the same substance, there are countless other details — their history, […]

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Types Of Addiction Facility Accreditation And Why They Matter

People seeking addiction treatment for themselves or their loved ones are bombarded with online ads that promise miracle treatments, rapid detox, and cheap and easy solutions to alcohol and substance addiction. Unfortunately, most of them are scams — a waste […]

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