Starting with you in mind.

The research on rehabilitation success tells us that attention to the needs of the individual is essential to long-term success. TreatmentGuru starts with you in mind because we know that to beat an addiction, the treatment experience must address you as an individual.

Principles drive our process.

TreatmentGuru exists to help individuals and families overcome the devastation of addiction. We do it because we know the struggle, but we also understand the empowerment that a quality addiction treatment program can provide.

When we say principles drive our process, it’s a genuine statement of how we run our organization. We filter quality treatment programs and information because we know our work can change lives.

We know our work can change lives.

Let us help you find the right program for your specific situation. We take our responsibility seriously because an individually-tailored process can make all the difference.

Step 1: Treatment Standards

Our process starts with examining the standards of the facilities we recommend. From accreditation to levels of care and therapeutic approaches, we analyze the treatment facilities to ensure you’re selecting from the best of the best.

You’re selecting from the best of the best.

The treatment components of a rehabilitation program are absolutely critical to successful addiction recovery. Selecting a program that offers components that align with an individual situation and that is regularly assessed and modified when needed is crucial. We work continuously to make sure our trusted providers live up to our standards so you can confidently find quality addiction treatment that will work for you.

Step 2: Know the Individual

Auditing the quality of a treatment program is only the beginning. Making sure quality addiction treatment aligns with the needs of the individual is just as important. Appropriate treatment options and facility amenities can play a major role in whether an individual receives adequate time-in-treatment.

The needs of the individual are just as important.

Our unique facility matching takes the individual circumstances into account to find just the right facility. Current research indicates the best outcomes occur with at least three months of treatment. The right setting is critical to making sure the appropriate duration of treatment is received. Our facility matching is designed to make sure each individual finds the right place.

Step 3: The Perfect Place

We will make recommendations to you using the facility matching, or you can browse our trusted providers. Either way, the goal of TreatmentGuru is simple: help each individual find quality addiction treatment to start their recovery journey.

Let us help you find your perfect place.

This means we do our homework to provide information related to each of our trusted partners with the goal of helping you identify which facility best meets your needs. We know that all options are not created equal. No individual has the same needs either. With vetted facilities and your needs in hand, let us help you find your perfect place.

Step 4: Celebrate Success

The journey is long and sure to be riddled with obstacles. Our mission is to help as many people as possible to complete their journey by providing quality addiction treatment options that are tailored to individual needs.

We’ve lived this journey, and we know the stakes.

Our mission is personal. We’ve lived this journey, and we know the stakes. No path to recovery is going to go perfectly as planned, but we won’t rest until we’ve provided the best options across the country to every individual using TreatmentGuru. Open the door to a better life. We’re here to support you and we’ll be ready to celebrate your success.

Why facility vetting is critical.

Addiction is complex. It centers on the substance, of course. But it also relates to nearly every part of an individual’s life – family, work, and community included. Treatment must account for these factors. Choosing the right treatment option is difficult.

There are more than 14,500 specialized treatment facilities in the United States. Only a small number of programs have any kind of data evaluating their effectiveness. Since facilities are generally privately owned, each creates its own philosophy and operating standards.

Program quality can be the difference between life and death.

We evaluate facilities to help individuals make good choices and avoid the consequences of poorly administered programs. Vetting is critical because the difference in program quality can be the difference between life and death.